Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Image generator

The image generator websites are probably my favorite new "tech thing" so far! I'm not artistic at all so these are perfect. I first went to, but then went to and it had a lot more categories. I could use these type of websites so much no matter what I do. For example, if I become a teacher I can make posters with different game rules. I could also give out awards and make posters or certificates on here. If I become a personal trainer I would be able to make posters and magazine covers with clients on them to put up in my office. They are also great websites to give to students so they can use them for all their projects. I really like the online image generators because they allow you to use your ideas even if you're not necessarily artistic.
This is a picture of my dog Zorr that I already had on my computer. All I did was choose the motivator poster and it already had the layout and everything. I just chose the colors and text!

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