Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Sweet...YouTube has a link right to Blogger so you can post videos right to your blog. If you just click the "share" icon, a bunch of different buttons come up (twitter, facebook, email, etc.). Click blogger and it sends the video right to your blog. We'll see if it works!

I love YouTube; I've used it for a bunch of different things--some just for fun, but other times for school. One of the best things about it is when you type what you're looking for in the search box, it gives you suggestions. I'm not very good at remembering a video from the past, or just coming up with a good keyword in general so it is very helpful for me. I also like how it gives you a long list of related videos along the side of your screen.

I picked this video because I think it is one of the coolest, most inspiring, amazing speeches ever (the end especially). I learned of Tim Tebow two years ago when he became a star at the University of Florida. A lot of stories came out on him after he won the Heisman Trophy, I started researching it a little bit and discovered that he is a great role model as not only a football player, but a strong Christian as well. I've showed this video to my softball team as an example of a great leader! My teams usually really enjoy things like this because it is something new. There are countless ways to use this resource. Just searching around I found examples of how to play certain games, different work outs and exercises, and a lot of other things. Teachers would be able to post videos to blogs as resources for students. It never hurts to have extra examples.

I have noticed that recently there have been a lot more ads than usual. A couple years ago there were hardly any ads that came up prior to videos, or pop up at the bottom of the screen. Google ads pop up on almost every video. You have to be careful too because sometimes videos are listed in the "related videos" section that aren't appropriate.

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