Thursday, May 27, 2010

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are very convenient; instead of searching for something online, it comes right to you. It doesn't matter what you like--from movies to sports to wall street--there are feeds for it all. Don't worry about remembering someone's blog, you can subscribe to their feed to and it shows up on the same Blogline account. It's kind of like having your own personal newspaper that has only what you want in it. Blogline itself is helpful because if you don't know exactly what website would be the best for a certain subject, Blogline gives suggestions too. You don't have to deal with all the advertisements either. It seems like there is a RSS Feed for everything. I will definitely use this in the future as well!

Google Docs

The coolest thing I discovered how to do on Google Docs was create a form that I can send out to numerous people via e-mail. Once they fill it out, their answers are posted staight to my spreadsheet. If I become a personal trainer, I would email a health questionnaire to my clients. All they would have to do is fill it out on the computer and it comes straight to me. I wouldn't have to keep a bunch of papers on file. Making presentations on there would also be very helpful. As a teacher, I could make presentations or documents on there and send it to multiple students. I couldn't figure out how to do the drawing option. I don't know if it was me or if it was my computer. However, this would be a great tool to have as well. It's nice that you can either upload things onto google docs and export them. As a teacher, instead of having students write their information on a card at the beginning of the semester, I could send a form to the students via Google Docs. Then I wouldn't have to worry about trying to read all their handwriting or losing any of the cards.

Web 2.0 is amazing!!

It seems like I say this a lot, but I didn't know there was anything out there like Web 2.0 either. I will use that a lot because sometimes I have a hard time finding a good site online for what I'm looking for. I've used a couple of the sites on there before: Yelp, Flickr, Google maps, Craigslist, and the ones we've been exploring. I really like the Farecast website--it helps you find deals on plane tickets and other travel options. Lulu was also really cool because not only can you buy books on there, you can publish picture books, calendars, and cookbooks. I don't know if any of you have made a calendar on a site like this, but it's really special because you get to upload all your own photos. There are also a lot of helpful sites for businesses. Upcoming was a good site (lets you know what's going on in any town); people can use it for the town they live in or for a town they're going to visit. There are a lot of cool sites on Web 2.0. I'll definitely use the in the future.


I've never been someone who is really interested in the new technology that comes out all the time. All I use is the basic stuff on my phone, computer, and camera. I really like Flickr, but I think you can do a lot of the same stuff on Facebook. The nice thing about Flickr is that people who want to view your photos don't necessarily have to have an account as well. Google Docs was super cool; I had no idea anything like that existed. I set up a Health Care Questionairre form; when people fill it out (either through e-mail or logging on) it sends the answers right to my spreedsheet. That could be very useful if I needed a bunch of people to fill out a health form. It saves so much time because you don't have to enter it into the computer once you get it back from the patient/client. It seems like everything is starting to go on the computer instead of papers in files. My doctor's office just recently switched from paper files to files on the computer. I could also use the podcasts to help students. I really like watching videos because I'm more of a visual learner; watching them and listening to them helps me learn. It would be a great resource for kids who need a little more explanation after they leave the class room.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Microblogging seems useless to me. It's just kinda weird that someone would want to follow someone else throughout the day, and read about all the little things they do. It seems a lot like texting execpt it's free and it goes out to multiple people. However, a lot of people must enjoy it because it has become very popular. It would be a great way to communicate to a group of people if you are on vacation--updating everyone.


Flickr is a really cool website; I've used it once before to look at pictures someone posted. I had a little trouble uploading my pictures at first. I downloaded the Flickr tool, tried emailing them, and then it finally worked. Once the uploading started to work it was very easy.

This is a picture of my, my mom, and my dad after my graduation from Fresno Pacific University. Graduation was May 8th.