Thursday, May 27, 2010

Web 2.0 is amazing!!

It seems like I say this a lot, but I didn't know there was anything out there like Web 2.0 either. I will use that a lot because sometimes I have a hard time finding a good site online for what I'm looking for. I've used a couple of the sites on there before: Yelp, Flickr, Google maps, Craigslist, and the ones we've been exploring. I really like the Farecast website--it helps you find deals on plane tickets and other travel options. Lulu was also really cool because not only can you buy books on there, you can publish picture books, calendars, and cookbooks. I don't know if any of you have made a calendar on a site like this, but it's really special because you get to upload all your own photos. There are also a lot of helpful sites for businesses. Upcoming was a good site (lets you know what's going on in any town); people can use it for the town they live in or for a town they're going to visit. There are a lot of cool sites on Web 2.0. I'll definitely use the in the future.

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