Sunday, May 23, 2010


Microblogging seems useless to me. It's just kinda weird that someone would want to follow someone else throughout the day, and read about all the little things they do. It seems a lot like texting execpt it's free and it goes out to multiple people. However, a lot of people must enjoy it because it has become very popular. It would be a great way to communicate to a group of people if you are on vacation--updating everyone.


  1. My opinion of blogging is very similar. I also find the idea of communicating my every move very weird.

    Joan Finch

  2. I hear you guys, but students dig this stuff. I think we can use this in a way to motivate them..... don't get me wrong before this class I didn't even have a face-book account!

  3. I AGREE!!! People need to let their eyeballs adjust to NOT looking at screens again. NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU'RE DOING! BUT I also see how it's useful...i guess :)